onsdag 6 april 2016

Optimizing the multitouch

This will be a short post regarding the optimization of the multitouch.

As described in an earlier post, multitouch was handled by calling a function for every hand on the screen. This was a massive load on the CPU - it attemped to update graphics not every frame but as often as it could for every hand.

Instead, we decided that we would push the hands into a Dictionary, where the hands' ids are the keys and the position the values. We created a specific class to keep track of all the information required to handle our hands - here we refer to the source code for the interested reader.

Lastly, instead of using up all our CPU power we now had a Dictionary with our hands in it, ready to be used by either the CPU or the GPU (the goal, however at this point we do not have a solution on how to send the hand data to the GPU - it is a later problem).

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