lördag 28 maj 2016

Faking Fullscreen!

As previously mentioned in "Compute shader and migrating to Monstro" we have had problems running the standalone executable in fullscreen. We figured now is the time to fix this problem as it really lowers the quality of a project which we otherwise are very happy with.

We were on track working towards the solution when we tried to fix this problem earlier. When the scripts start executing it forces the window to set a size of 4096 x 2400 which is the resolution for Monstro's desktop. The program is the running a windowed version which is bordeless, which makes it look to be fullscreen. What we also had to do was to set the spawning position of the window, which is at position (0, 0) in the leftmost desktop. To do this, we had to use a script that detected the name of the window (our project's name) and then execute the commands to move the window through that script.

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