lördag 28 maj 2016

Introducing: Northern Lights

So. At this point in the project basically there has lately been a lot of tweaking. What we realised when playing around with different settings and so on is that the particle system sort of resembles northern lights if we just were to edit the colors a bit.. so we did! And we also decided to change the name of the project at this point. We went from CyclooPS to just "Norrsken" (Northern Lights in Swedish). We also added some nice creative commons spacey music.

The best thing to do here is probably just to post a bunch of videos:

1: Playing around with the hands' strength. Here the pull of the hand is pretty low which allows particles to escape. Creates this kind of effect:

2: Putting up some signs on the screen and just observing the patterns that appear:

3: A bit more of the same stuff...:

And that's that. 

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